Crowds warmed by marae hospitality

Learning Events Co-ordinator Ainslee McGill says a crowd of around 400 enjoyed the hospitality at the Ngā Hau e Wha National marae last night.
“It was awesome,” she said.
“Lots of people stargazing got a good look at the moon because it was quite a clear night.”

It was chilly too, but the pumpkin soup provided by the marae warded off the winter temperatures.
The inflatable Star Lab, from Science Alive! and the soap carving with Miles Kau Kau were also big hits with the crowd, McGill said, and there were lots of positive comments which people had written on stars and posted up around the venue. The event attracted a “huge range of ages”.

Today Freeville and Burwood primary schools get their chance to see what’s on offer as well as another six early childhood centres. If you went to the event, feel free to post a comment.

One thought on “Crowds warmed by marae hospitality

  1. Shenaegh 19 June 2008 / 11:19 am

    Today we went in the star Dome..=]
    it was real fun.!!
    I got a bit dizzy coz the stars kept moveing
    But i learned Alot though..!!!

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