Rose Tremain is a winner …

the Road homeRose Tremain’s The Road Home has won the The Orange Broadband Prize for fiction which rewards the best writing by women published in the UK (Joanna Kavenna’s Inglorious won the Orange Broadband Award for New Writers).

There was a bit of a hoo ha over the Orange Prize this year to do with the appointment of popster Lily Allen as a judge (she later withdrew for personal reasons). 

Rose Tremain’s honour is well deserved, she is a writer who has the uncanny power of astonishing her readers afresh with each new book. She has created a vivid and astonishing variety of characters and locations. Music and Silence and Restoration (set in 17th Century Denmark and Restoration England) are two of the best novels in historical settings I’ve ever read (by the by Restoration was filmed with our own lovely Sam Neill vamping it up as Charles II).

See The Guardian’s articles and features on the Prize and the Orange Prize website.

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