A myriad of ways to lose weight

The diet industry is hardly suffering from any downturn in the market if the number of books published in this area is anything to go by.  Losing weight is no longer about eating a bit less and upping the exercise regime.  We already have food combining, the Blood type diet, GI indexes and the famous Israeli diet that suggested eating the same food for two days at a time (if you consider apples and salad food that is). 

Not to be outdone the diet meisters are still coming up with plenty of new ideas for immediate and long term weight loss.  We have The Miracle Juice Diet: lose 3kg (7lbs) in just seven days by Amanda Cross, The Genotype diet by Peter D’Adamo where you can apparently turn off the bad genes and turn on the good genes to create a new you!

Going against the Grain: How reducing and Avoiding Grains can Revitalize your Health by Melissa Smith challenges all that we thought was gospel by suggesting that our intake of grain is responsible for our inability to have successful weight loss, and my personal favourite,  The Doona Diet (we might call it the Duvet diet) by Jane Worthington, where sleep makes the metabolism more efficient (Now that sounds like my type of diet!) 

Those of you who prefer a bit of humour with your 1200 calories a day, might enjoy,  Dr Fatkins Resolutionary diet: How to eat what you want and pretend to lose weight.

2 thoughts on “A myriad of ways to lose weight

  1. fatintothefire 6 June 2008 / 1:58 am

    So many of the diet books and programs on the market unfortunately fall into the categories of unhealthy and unrealistic.

    Back to the basics. Forget the ‘magic’ weight loss pills or crazy diets. You name it: the ‘watermelon diet’, the ‘juice only’ diet, the ‘fruit only until noon’ diet.

    The best answer is healthy lifestyle habits. A balanced and realistic approach.

  2. keenanj 9 June 2008 / 4:06 pm

    I think it is hard for all of us to make good decisions when we are constantly bombarded with new books, new diets and new strategies. (Not to mention TV programmes!)

    However the other aspect of the diet book phenonema is that you could end up buying every new diet book that comes on the market and find that they basically contain the same information, just couched in slightly different terms. Better to borrow them from the Library first to see which ones contain the best information!

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