Pretty Ugly Betty

If you’re anything like me then Sunday nights are when you indulge in a bit of brightly coloured escapist nonsense in the form of TV2 show Ugly Betty. Ugly Betty is based on the original Colombian telenovela So yoy Betty, la fea (I am Betty, the ugly one) and is co-produced by the decidedly non-ugly Salma Hayek (who also did a turn last season as a rival magazine head Sofia Reyes). In spite of (or perhaps because of) its decidely cheesey look and over the top characters Ugly Betty has gained Golden Globe and Emmy recognition and has made a star out of actress America Ferrera (the “Betty” in question).

Christchurch City Libraries now has copies of the companion book of this successful series and it is just as visually delicious as the show itself. Ugly Betty : the book is laid out to look like the fashion mag of the series “Mode”, and includes character bios (including Betty’s toy bunny), accessories, interiors (oooh, orange perspex), and fashion, fashion, fashion. Colourful photographs of everything from Betty’s garish “Guadalajara” poncho to more sedate (and stylish) outfits worn by Wilhemina. It’s the perfect genetic hybrid of a book and a high end glossy sure to stimulate tearoom talk.


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