Bauhaus… back from the crypt

I remember twenty years ago the staff at Gisborne’s combo sporting goods / record store introducing me to the definitive goth-rock band, Bauhaus. By then clashing egos had already caused the band to implode, but their albums ruled my world for years to follow.  The proto-dub rumblings of “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”, Daniel Ash’s searing guitar sound on “Double Dare”, the drums in “Lagartija Nick”.  Nobody else came close.

Twenty five years after the release of their last album “Burning From The Inside”, THEY’RE BACK!!

After reuniting recently to play California’s Coachella Festival, the band put aside their differences for long enough to spend 18 days in a studio recording new album “Go Away White”.  Yes, these band-splits-up-but-reforms-twenty -years-later-to-play-again kind of things are usually best avoided (The Police at Live Earth anyone?). but this is BAUHAUS (and, well…  maybe I’m a little biased).

Recording each song live in the studio in single takes, “Go Away White” still retains the rawness of their 1980 debut “In The Flat Field”. Lead single “Adrenalin” is easily on a par with their best songs. Peter Murphy’s vocals still sound just as ghoulish two decades after their peak. And that crystalline guitar line that comes in mid-way through “The Mirror Remains” …

 A fitting epitaph from one of my favourite bands (in case you hadn’t guessed already).