Read any good “blooks” lately?

“So what the heck is a blook?” I hear you ask. Essentially a “blook” is a book that is based on a blog (or other website). Publication of blog or website based books has increased in popularity over recent years so much so that there are now enough produced to have their own literary competition, The Blookers (of course). Last year’s Blooker winner was My war: killing time in Iraq by American “grunt” Colby Buzzell (any blog that gets glowing reviews from Kurt Vonnegut and Henry Rollins is worth a look, in my humble opinion). Winner in the comics category was Mom’s cancer, the true tale of cartoonist Brian Fies’s mother’s battle with metastic lung cancer that started its life as a webcomic. It’s clear that there is as much scope in blooks as there are in books with less “digital” beginnings.

It’s a testament to the continuing appeal of books as physical items that punters will pay money to buy books that they could read on the internet for free. If you still prefer your recreational reading on paper rather than lap-top then, as well as those blooks mentioned above, you might like to consider the following –

So, have you read any good blooks lately?

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