Invent-ory of genius

No. 8 wireI have no mechanical skill at all so I am unashamedly in awe of tinkerers and bodgers who have both the technical know-how and creative spark to invent machines and gizmos.  Prime TV’s Mythbusters is a favourite gadget fix and I’m very excited to find that we’ve copies of the companion book, Mythbusters : don’t try this at home!

Mythbusting aside, there are some legendary names that always crop up in relation to inspired invention – Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Leonardo Da Vinci, but what about something a little closer to home?  No. 8 Wire : The best of Kiwi ingenuity is just that, covering everything from spreadable butter to the electric fence and Inventions from the shed has a similar Kiwi focus.  Television series Let’s get inventin’ gives Kiwi kids the chance to flex their inventing muscles.  If you know any “young’uns” with an interest in invention get them to check out our Inventors and Inventions page on the library website.

The library has loads more titles on inventions and inventors.

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