Dancing like a star

Dance your way to fitnessI’d love to be a dancer. I like krumping, Latin, gymnastic acrobatic balletic moves,  and anyone who can do the splits I reckon is a superior species. A lack of talent might hinder my dream, but it’s one I can indulge in vicariously. So you think you dance Australia is compulsory watching for dance fans … and tonight the Dancing with the Stars juggernaut returns.

If you want to learn to dance, try CINCH our community information dance. They link you to classes in Christchurch in a variety of dance styles. We’ve also got books, music, videos/DVDs, magazines and articles that will help you learn more about your chosen style. Search on the dance style or look at our subject listing dance and here’s a sample of dance goodies:

The Oscars and Red carpet fashion

Made for each otherWell the Oscars are done and dusted for another year. It was good to see some well deserved recognition for the Coen brothers and Tilda Swinton amongst others.

The Academy Awards are not only a big event for the movie world, they are one of fashion’s shining moments. The Oscars web site has some pages showing us what’s hot on the red carpet this year and in years gone by.

The Library also has some books on the Academy Awards and some focus on fashion and style in particular:

I think my favourite Oscar outfit is the one Cate Blanchett wore in 1999 – a John Galliano design featuring gauze, lace and gorgeously intricate floral embroidery on the back.