Graduate and Home School

home schoolSome readers (including myself) may have been unaware that the prizewinning film The Graduate was originally a book. Although witty, succinct and a straightforward read, this must be one of the few examples where the film outshines the book. Who can forget Dustin Hoffman lurking at the bottom of the swimming pool or having the word ‘plastics’ whispered into his ear by his dad’s friend?

Now a sequel has been written to this modern day morality tale. Charles Webb now has the happy couple, Benjamin and Elaine trying to resist the pressure to have their sons educated at the local school. Desperate times call for desperate remedies and ‘Grandma’ is brought in to  thwart the school principal. However, no service is performed for free and the presence of Benjamin’s ex-lover (and Elaine’s own mother) threatens a previously happy marriage.

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