Are knitting groups the new book clubs?

Divas don't knitThere has been a knitting revival over the last decade with celebrities seen openly knitting in public now suddenly it isn’t just for nanas.

My own knitting revival started when I read Divas don’t knit by Gil McNeil, about a mother with two young boys who is recently widowed and decides to take over her grandmother’s wool shop.

Sisterhood is alive and well in the knitting novel with many having knitting groups with great names (like the Stitch n Bitch group) where you go for a social women’s network as much as the knitting. It seems that knitting groups are the new book clubs.

Knitting has even made its way into young adult culture with the Chicks with sticks series.

So go ahead and pull out those knitting needles and wool and get knitting and if you need a novel kind of inspiration (excuse the pun), get reading as well. Me, I can’t wait till my wee poppet is co-ordinated enough so I can pass on the timeless skill that is knitting to the next generation. I just hope she doesn’t ask me to cast on or do necklines – I always got my mum to do that. Bless you, Mum!