The wonderful world of Louis Theroux

The call of the weird - travels in American subculturesI am an unabashed fan of unflappable roving reporter Louis Theroux.  For those of you unfamiliar with his genius, Theroux (son of author Paul) specialises in documenting the wacky, weird, and extreme in modern American society.  As a Brit he takes a calm and generally non-judgemental approach with his “subjects” whether they be neo-Nazis, Madams, or motivational speakers. 

The beauty of Theroux is in his willingness to throw himself in at the deep end and explore different lifestyles while never flinching from asking the hard questions of the people he encounters there.

I am delighted to find that from next week TVNZ are screening Inside story : Louis Theroux.  This four part series has Louis earnestly investigating America’s most hated family, gambling in Las Vegas, plastic surgery, and life behind bars.  The call of the weird : travels in American subcultures is his book in which he chronicles some of the more memorable oddballs that he has come across over the years and it’s a very entertaining and enlightening exploration of the quirky and unusual characters he’s come to know.  A great read for new Theroux fans or old.

One thought on “The wonderful world of Louis Theroux

  1. Daudi 18 February 2008 / 2:20 am

    ” MyspaceTV have just launched the BBC Worlwide channel and you can watch the latest episode of Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends for free. There’s loads more on there as well – The Mighty Boosh, Top Gear, The Royle Family, plus Sci-Fi, Drama… (etc)

    Check it out here:


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