Being prepared isn’t just for Boy Scouts

The worst case scenario survival handbookSome years ago the first in the series of the “Worst case scenario” books made its appearance on the scene.  This handbook is full of useful advice on how to do such unlikely things as escape from quicksand, fend off a bear, or jump from a moving car.  Since then the series has branched out into topics such as parenting, golf, dating & sex, and travel

Given the success of these guides it’s not too surprising that other authors have jumped on the “survival skills” bandwagon and produced their own “how to” guides.  Some of these are seriously worth a look.

  • For the sheer brilliance of the title alone check out Apocalypse chow.  This cookbook with a difference is full of tips on how to eat well in blackouts, hurricanes and other disasters.
  • Less domesticated adrenalin junkies might prefer The daredevil’s manual (for walking across hot coals, eating live scorpions etc.) or the SAS survival handbook which focuses more on wilderness survival.
  • How to survive a robot uprising - tips on defending yourself against the coming rebellionSci-fi buffs with a sense of humour should take a look at Dr. Daniel H. Wilson’s How to survive a robot uprising (for a succinct breakdown of the content of this book checkout this unshelved comic strip) or his follow-up How to build a robot army.  For the skeptical among you it may interest you to know that Dr. Wilson has a Ph.D. in Robotics so he actually knows his stuff.  So when he advises on the best way to treat a laser wound you’d better pay attention.
  • Something special for “the ladies” is available in the shape of How to walk in high heels : the girl’s guide to everything.  This pink bible for the modern gal has expert tips from such glamour luminaries as Vivienne Westwood, Manolo Blahnik and Kylie. 
  • For those who want do know how to do just about everything (avoidance of death by robot notwithstanding) How to do just about everything is probably the book for you.

With these titles under your belt you’ll be prepared for whatever life throws at you! 

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