No Country for old men

MoviesWith the new Coen brothers’ film No Country for Old Men receiving great reviews, I decided to read this thick slice of Texan Gothic by Cormac McCarthy. A hunter stumbles on a drugs buy gone wrong and decides to abscond with a suitcase full of 2 million dollars. His flight is pursued by a grizzled local sheriff, (played in the movie by Tommy Lee Jones), various criminals from across the Mexican border and, most disturbingly, a hit man whose favourite method of execution is by using a cattle stun gun. Yuck!

At times it reminds me of Elmore Leonard’s Valdez is Coming and Upton Sinclair’s Oil, recently filmed with Daniel Day-Lewis as There will be Blood.

However, the typical Hollywood ending isn’t found here and it will be interesting to see if the Coen brothers have resisted pressures for a conventional finale.