Nuns, Nazis, and Yodelling

The Sound of Music companionIt seems unlikely that a story combining these three elements would become one of the most successful musicals, and later films of all time.  But fans know that if you add these, a guitar, and some clothes made out of curtains, you get cinematic gold.  Musical films are experiencing something of a renaissance at the moment as evidenced by the popularity of High School Musical and Hairspray, and last year’s Oscar nominated Dreamgirls but for me, none of these recent pretenders will ever surpass the Julie Andrews spectacular that is The Sound of Music.

While the library has video and DVD recordings of the best musical ever, that’s by no means the end of the story.  These are a few of my favourite Sound of Music things –

If you’re not completely musicalled-out after all that, you might want to follow up with a little Grease.

2 thoughts on “Nuns, Nazis, and Yodelling

  1. Johnny Bristau 14 January 2008 / 8:00 pm

    yeah i have watched sound of music and its very excellent how they combined everything in one movie and you can watch it all over again without getting used to it ^_^

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