Fernando Botero (and Pablo Escobar)

Fernando BoteroIf you can’t sleep, BBC World can be a better option than counting sheep or making cups of tea. The documentaries they feature can tackle any imaginable topic. One I saw recently was on the Colombian artist Fernando Botero. His style is the converse of Giacometti (the subject of last year’s astonishing exhibition at the Christchurch Art Gallery) – his figures are fleshy, corpulent, substantial.

The documentary maker followed him around as he revisited his hometown of Medellín – birthplace also of infamous Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. Botero has painted a version of Pablo’s death.

In an interesting twist, Pablo is to be the subject of two upcoming movies – Escobar and Killing Pablo. Those of you who watch the series Entourage will have seen Vinnie Chase’s battle to make the movie Medellín – now it seems the real movie makers have followed suit.