Whaling – Current and Historical

into the heart of whalingJapan’s controversial whaling programme is in the news again this week with the whaling fleet’s departure for the Southern waters under the guise of a “scientific expedition”.  The library has several books about whaling and the ongoing struggle to prevent it, such as Harpoon : into the heart of whaling, Troubled waters : the changing fortunes of whales and dolphins, and The whaling season : an inside account of the struggle to stop commercial whaling, or try the International Whaling Commission’s website for more information.

Though it is almost universally condemned nowadays, in early New Zealand whaling was one of the most important industries.  For more information on New Zealand’s whaling history try the following –

Still not sure what you think about the whaling controversy? Both sides of the story are represented in our Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center (accessible with your library card number and PIN).

One thought on “Whaling – Current and Historical

  1. Lesley Dewar 5 March 2009 / 3:50 am

    This was my first time at the Perth Writer’s Festival and I just loved it! Chris’s workshop and his book have made a great impact on me, both from learning about how to write non fiction and an objective view of why and how whaling can and should be stopped.

    I think this should be a standard history / sociology text book in our schools.



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