So I married a Beatle

The George HarrisonPattie BoydEric Clapton love triangle is one of pop music’s most famous. Now Boyd has broken her silence with a new book Wonderful Tonight.  Harrison and Boyd met on the set of A Hard Days Night, and  married after a short courtship.  Their marriage ended when Eric Clapton (who had been dating Pattie’s sister) admitted he was really in love with Pattie.  Pattie was a face of the swinging sixties and inspiration behind many songs, most notably  Harrison’s Something and Clapton’s Layla and Wonderful Tonight.

JohnI’m hoping the book is an honest account of the times.  I didn’t really enjoy Cynthia Lennon’s John, but that might be because I am pro-Yoko Ono.  Her album, Yes I’m a witch has been one of my favourites this year.  On it she collaborates with such noted contemporary musicians as The Flaming Lips, Cat Power and Antony, and it’s interesting to hear how Ono’s distinctive vocals fit quite nicely into the electro-clash sound.

2 thoughts on “So I married a Beatle

  1. Donna 8 November 2007 / 12:41 pm

    I haven’t read Cynthia’s “John” but I really enjoyed her earlier book “A Twist of Lennon” – it was written in the 70s. I liked Yoko’s stuff on Double Fantasy – “Kiss kiss kiss” especially and looks like she does a version on “Yes I’m a witch” with the awesome Peaches. Now that’s Girl Power.

  2. Robyn 8 November 2007 / 12:51 pm

    Wonderful tonight was one of a couple of interesting looking memoirs featuring musicians and their WaGs that arrived in the library last week. I always loved Patti Boyd, to me her look absolutly epitomised the ’60s with that dead straight hair – I ironed mine but somehow I never looked like Patti- and the big black eyes. I’ll be interested to see what she’s got to say.

    The women of country music in the ’60s surely looked different from the identikit Beatle wives, but life as a wife could be just as hard. Vivian Cash was married to the Man in Black for 14 years and according to her daughter Roseanne she was deeply hurt by her portrayal in Walk the line, the celebrated biopic that won Reese Witherspoon an Oscar for her portrayal of June Carter, the ‘other woman’. Just before Vivan’s death she wrote I walked the line, giving her side of the story and letting loose with a few surprises.

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