The Knights Templar revealed

It has been revealed that the Vatican is going to publish documents about the heresy trial of the order the Knights Templar. The secret documents about the trial include a long-lost parchment showing that Pope Clement V initially absolved the order of heresy. The 300 page volume entitled “Processus Contra Templarios” (Latin for “Trial against the Templars”) came out in a limited edition of 799 copies (with one going to Pope Benedict). The Vatican will hold a news conference about the publication on 25 October.

The Last Templar

The Knights Templar have long intrigued writers and historians. Ivanhoe by Walter Scott features the classic villain Brian de Bois-Guilbert – a corrupt Templar Knight. Our own Sam Neill gave a brilliant spin to the role in a 1982 tv remake.

The popularity of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code introduced the Templar Knights and their history to a whole new audience.

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