Joe Strummer

Joe Strummer: The future is unwritten will be showing at the Telecom 31st International Film Festival. Julien Temple, who made the very entertaining The filth and the fury, about The Sex Pistols,  was a close friend of Strummer’s and his film has had enthusiastic reviews.

If the film whets the appetite for more information about one of the great figures of rock in the last thirty years Redemption song, the definitive biography of Joe Strummer, isn’t a bad place to start. As a diplomat’s son who went to boarding school Strummer was at pains to hide his impeccably middle-class background, although he did earn some credentials as a squatter and pub band singer. The Clash produced some great music and Strummer proved himself to be a talented musician in the twenty or so years he lived after punk. This is a well-written look at one of the seminal figures of his time in music.

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