Harry Potter hits Christchurch – Saturday 21 July

Whitcoulls staff welcome Harry Potter

Lots of people will be hunkering down this weekend, reading the seventh volume of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Queue to buy Harry Potter Book 7I visited Whitcoulls in Cashel Street to see if Christchurch is, as The Press reports, under the Potter spell. There was a reasonable amount of people queueing at the checkouts, rearing to get their hands on the final book. Whitcoulls staff added to the atmosphere by dressing up.

The New Zealand Herald has an article with photos Wait is over for Potter fans.

The Guardian has a special report on Harry Potter and it will feature chapter by chapter blogging from the moment of the book’s release.

For an interesting critique of J.K. Rowling , read Harry Potter’s big con is the prose by Nicholas Lezard. Lezard says a nine-year-old might feel quite pleased with the writing in the Harry Potter books, but that it’s pretty embarrassing coming from an adult.