Aunty Hilda, Uncle Eric and daughter Helen who lived on a farm at Kirwee were at Christchurch International Airport, possibly going on holiday. People were still dressing up when they went out. 1964. Kete Christchurch, PH13-273

Crystal Mirror and Glass Co. 283 Tuam Street, Christchurch. My late father Wilfred Malcolm (Mac) Stretch (b. 8.12.1910) finished his apprenticeship with the Crystal Mirror & Glass Company and left to join the P & T in 1948. I can still remember the overpowering smell of ammonia when I went to see Dad – but he was so used to it, he couldn’t smell it. The building was much later occupied by Continental Caterers. 1940-44. Kete Christchurch, PH13-RAG-C-Crystal_Mirror_Glass_6

Arthur’s Pass railway station. This is the third station building at Arthur’s Pass, opened in 1966. Photo taken February 1967. Kete Christchurch, PH13-247


Syd Carter had a barber and tobacconist shop on the corner of Wilsons Road and Gamblins Road in St Martins. He was popular with the teenagers of the day as he was always willing to try something different. The older customers still wanted the ‘short back and sides’ but the younger ones wanted flat tops, mohawks, and DAs. 1960s, probably about 1965/6.        Kete Christchurch, PH13-420

Plunket Society procession in Sumner 1937. Wolseley car in front is mayoral car in front with mayor of Sumner Thomas Newburgh and Eleanor Newburgh (plaque under tree at Scarborough Reserve). Float in middle with brass band. Note mini golf-course on right and lack of houses on Scarborough hill. Kete Christchurch, PH13-254

Wartime in the city, 7 August 1942. Cranmer Square, Christchurch. “Universal” Bren gun carriers and motor cycle dispatch riders. The carrier driver 2nd from the left is R.G. Skipworth, 1st Battalion Canterbury Regiment. Christchurch City Libraries, HWC08-HO-141, Heritage Week 2008 Competition Entry.

Construction of Christchurch Railway Station, Moorhouse Ave, 1953. Christchurch City Libraries, CCL-Arch978-1-026


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