book coverToday I have learned about blogging, something I never thought I would do.  But then I didn’t think I would ever use a mobile phone to text. Now I sit happily in bed at night texting flat out. I have found friends and family find it more convenient and I get quite a surprise when I find out how many texts I have sent each month.

I ask myself if it will be the same with blogging. I wonder if in the night I will be suddenly inspired and instead of just writing in my head I will leap out of bed, go directly to my laptop and start writing my blog.

Time will tell…..I hope that some of my blogs might be of interest and not just some rant.  Certainly a lot to be said about saving the draft and perusing the next morning!

I found a book about blogging called Creative blogging that looked useful however it is an e-book which is a whole other story!

Just one question where did the word blog come from?