A UK psychologist has declared that a “huge number” of problems dealt with in family planning clinics have their roots in romance novels.  She goes on to say that:

our lessons are  falling on deaf ears when compared to the values of the Regency heroine gazing adoringly across the Assembly Rooms to catch a glimpse of her man.

So the problems of unwanted pregnancy and failed relationships are all down to Mills and Boon and the like?  Who would have thought?  Perhaps this psychologist hasn’t read A night with consequences or  Stranded, seduced – pregnant.  Both sound like they could sit in any family planning clinic bookshelf as a dire warning for irresponsible coupling.  I am also rather taken by the title: The librarian’s secret scandal, but purely for professional reasons of course!

For those of you interested in book covers, The art of romance : Mills & Boon and Harlequin cover designs by Joanna Bowring gives a wonderful  visual record of romance and love over the years.  Published since 1908, Mills and Boon and its heroes and heroines have certainly seen a lot of change.

  • What’s your favourite romance book or film?